How do our nebulizers work?

Our nebulizers produce a fine mist by vibrating the mesh (the metal circle on the front of the medicine cup). Because it doesn't use a heating source to produce the fine mist it is safe to use and the mist is room temperature. To use our nebulizers you can simply fill the medicine cup with either liquid medication like albuterol or if you do not have a lung condition and would like to use the device to clear you airways from a common cold you can simply use a saline solution or water only. The medicine cup should be filled upto the mark on the side of the cup. If not filled fully the nebulizer might trigger the automatic switch of function. Once filled up all the way simply press the button once and the nebulizer will start. It will shut off automatically once the medicine cup is empty.


I don't have a lung condition. Can I still use a nebulizer?

Yes, even if you don't have Ashtma or COPD our nebulizers also work great to open up your airways from a common cold by using them with water or a saline solution. Our nebulizers are truly made for everyone.


Do I need a prescription to buy one?

No you don't need a prescription to buy one of our nebulizers. You can simply place your order without having a prescription.


How long does it take to ship?

We work together with warehouses in the US, Europe and Asia to provide the fastest shipping times possible. Shipping takes 2-7 days to most locations in the US. To see the specific shipping time to your country please see our shipping policy.


Where can I get medication for my nebulizer?

If you have a lung condition like Asthma or COPD: You can simply use your own medication in liquid form with our nebulizer. Most liquid medications like Albuterol and Budesonide can be used with our nebulizer. If you are currently using a different kind of medication it would be best to ask your local docter if he is able to prescribe you with the right form of liquid medication.

If you do not have a lung condition: You can simply get a simple saline solution at your local pharmacy, make a saline solution yourself or you can use the unit with water only. ( using the unit with water and a drop of eucalyptus is also a great option to clear your airways)


Does my medical insurance cover the costs?

Some medical insurances will cover nebulizers under their policy if you have a lung condition. If you can get the costs covered highly depends on your specific situation and medical insurance. To make sure your insurance covers the costs we would recommend to reach out to your insurance directly.

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